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The Story Behind The Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance Association

Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance Association (WWMAA) servicing the communities of Eastport, Speonk, Remsenburg, Westhampton, Westhampton Beach, Quiogue, Quogue, and Westhampton Dunes., was founded in 1950 to honor veterans of foreign wars. The first officers were President Fredric Williams, Vice President Eugene McFarland, Secretary E.H.Rogers Jr., and Treasurer Rudy Kammerer. Edward “BO” Rogers served continuously as secretary for 37 years and was largely responsible for community donations to run the organization before becoming a tax district in 1992.

Presently, WWMAA has 45 active volunteer members. In 2012 there were approximately 1200 patient calls.

In 2012 Westhampton Ambulance established the “Edward Bo Rogers Award”. This award is given in recognition of community service above and beyond a member in good standing. Brandon McAlary joined Westhampton Ambulance during the summer of 2012 and promptly participated in 98 patient calls. He also became a CPR instructor certifying members of the ambulance as well as the community. Brandon is well-liked and is always willing to assist. He is also a member of the East Moriches Community Ambulance where last year he was their top responder with 329 patient calls. Brandon’s example of commitment to community service is exemplary and deserving of the Edward Bo Rogers Award.

Aside from patient calls, WWMAA provided support to the Wildfires of 1995, TWA 800 Recovery Effort, and was the official emergency standby crew for NASA Space Shuttle launches, at Francis S Gabreski Airport if an emergency landing was required. WWMAA also provided logistical support to affected communities from Hurricane Katrina.

In 2011 WWMAA formed the Westhampton Ambulance Junior Company and introduced High School students to EMS and community service. WWMAA also offers associate membership to individuals who work in our service area but don’t reside and can offer time for patient calls.

WWMAA established a BERT team (bike emergency response team) in 2004 to provide rapid access to remote areas, mass gatherings, sporting events, parades, and other special events.

In Memoriam

On Saturday, November 30 Westhampton Ambulance remembered and honored a long time and recently departed member Barbara Mitchell.

Barbara was so much more to Westhampton Ambulance than a 25-year member, Chief, and secretary for 15 years. She unselfishly gave so much of her time and energy to this organization to ensure that Westhampton Ambulance would be the best possible ambulance organization. We relied on her knowledge and vision to guide us through challenging times when we were a not-for-profit volunteer organization relying on 100% donations, to today’s complex tax district with audited statements and paid paramedics. If Barbara was still here today she would be giving us orders, telling us what we can or can’t do, and bringing past members' names and actions to life.

Westhampton Ambulance would like to recognize Dave McClure for his efforts to secure the memorial stone from South Fork Stone and Mason, Mr. Eric Thompson, who not only donated the stone but fashioned it so that it could accommodate the plaque. Also, member Frank Velaszuez, who donated his time and resources to design the site.

Barbara’s memorial lying under a weeping cherry faces the sun and is the first to greet members and guests as they arrive. Because of Barbara, our community is a safer and better place to live. We miss you Barbara and are so ever grateful for your contributions.

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